1800s Schooling

  • New England Provides Free Education

    in the early 1800's new england started to provide free education,
    during this time not all communities had schools and some had fees
  • Schools For The Special Needs Kids Are Created

    around 1817 when schools were starting to run thomas gallaudet created a school in connecticut for pepole who were deaf, and around the same time sam gridley reated a way to teach people with vision problmes
  • Horace Mann Becomes Leader Of Education Reform

    Horace Mann was the leader of the educational reform and became heaqd of massachusetts board of education in 1837 he made many changes and improvements.
  • The First Normal School Is Founded

    in 1839 the first normal school was founded, this was a school for training high-school as teachers.
  • Colleges/Universities Are Created

    during the 1850s many colleges and universities were created