The Year 1800

  • The First Battery

    The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta, an Italian inventor. These batteries were made of alternating copper and zinc discs and the zinc discs were separated by pieces of cardboard.
  • The Jacquard Loom

    Frenchmen Jacquard invented the Jacquard loom in 1800. It took two people to make the loom work. He thought of different ways to make the loom work.
  • Inferred Rays

    Infrared rays are electromagnetic radiation. It is a spectral brand between radio waves.It is invisible to a human eye.Infrared light has longer wavelengths and lower energy than visible light.
  • Volcanic Eruption of Mount Guntur

    The volcano Gunter was an active volcano in west java. West java was located in Indonesia. The last eruption of mount Guntur was in 1847 Indonesia.
  • The Revolution of 1800

    Thomas Jefferson beat John Adams in the election for president.
    It was important because they transferred the presidency from one party to another with no conflict.
  • John Adams Moved In The White House

    John Adams and his family were the first people to move into the White House located in Washington D.C. he was the first president in the website. The white house was
    In Philadelphia before John Adams moved into the white house.