16th and 17th century timeline

  • Hans Lippershey invented the refracting telescope

    Hans Lippershey invented the refracting telescope
    Lippershey was the the first to invent the refracting telescope.
  • Kalmar War

    Kalmar War
    The Kalmar War was between the Denmark-Norway Sweden. Denmark was unable to defeat Sweden entirely. This lasted from 1611-1613
  • Thirty Years' War

    Thirty Years' War
    The Thirty Years War was a huge German War. Most of Protestant German states fought Austrian Hapsburgs. This war lasted from 1618-48.
  • The Powhatan War

    The Powhatan War
    The Powhatan War was between the Powhatan Indians confederacy and English colonial settlers. The result ended in Indian Power and struggles between the two.
  • Slide ruler was invented

    Slide ruler was invented
    The slide ruler was invented by William Oughtred.
  • The Bishops War

    The Bishops War
    The Bishop's War was a brief war between Charles I and the Scots. The result was to enforce the Anglican observances and force the Scots to abolish episcopacy. This war lasted from 1639-1640.
  • English Civil War

    English Civil War
    The English Civil War was a series of wars between the people supporting the Parliament and Royalist. It was mainly over England's government. This war lasted from August 22, 1642- September 3, 1651.
  • Eighty Years' War

    Eighty Years' War
    The Eighty Years' War was fought between the Netherlands Independence from Spain. This led to the separation of the southern and northern Netherlands. It started in 1568- 1648.
  • First Northern War

    First Northern War
    The First Northern War was the final stage of the struggle over Polish-Swedish succession. This war last from 1655-1660.
  • War of Devolution

    War of Devolution
    The War of Devolution was between the France and Spain over the possession of the Spanish Netherlands.
  • Issaac Newton invents the telescope.

    Issaac Newton invents the telescope.
  • King Philip's War

    King Philip's War
    This was the war that pitted the Native Americans against the English settlers and their Indian allies.Started on1675-76
  • The pressure cooker is invented

    The pressure cooker is invented
    Denis Papen invents the pressure cooker.
  • King William's War

    King William's War
    This war was the armed conflict between England and France.