Advertisements in the Western Herald During the 1960s

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  • Coca Cola Ad

    Coca Cola Ad
    In the 1960s, Coca-Cola was offered in 12 oz. cans for the first time. This decade was also a time when the Coca-Cola company introduced many different flavors of drinks such as Sprite, Minute-Maid lemonade, Fresca, and TaB, according to
  • Cigarette Ad

    Cigarette Ad
    In the 1960s, 56 percent of smokers had more than 20 cigarettes a day. It wasn't until 1964 when the Surgeon General issued the first report linking smoking too cancer. This led to the decline in smoking rates over the following decades, according to an article from
  • Old Spice?

    Old Spice?
    Old Spice started providing grooming products for men in 1937 and is still helping people smell great to this day. Check out this picture of an Old Spice advertisement of a deodorant stick.... In plastic!
  • The Traditional-Minded Man Outfit

    The Traditional-Minded Man Outfit
    This classy look depicts a common fashion for men on campus.
  • Good ol' American Made Cars

    Good ol' American Made Cars
    Check out these classics. In this advertisement, you can see a '65 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sports Coupe. This Chevelle Malibu was sold at the price of $2,500.00, according to
    That price is equivalent to $19,000.00 today.
  • Dodge Chrysler Ad

    Dodge Chrysler Ad
    This is quite saucy for an ad in 1965. Despite the 1960s hippie and drug fad, it was still a time of "proper etiquette."
  • A Wedding Ring Ad?!

    A Wedding Ring Ad?!
    In 1966, the average age in which women who married was 20.5 and the average age for men was 22.8. In 2015, the average age of women who married, was 27.1 and for men, it was 29.2, according to That goes to show that this advertisement wasn't as abnormal as it now seems.
  • Burger King in 1967

    Burger King in 1967
    Burger King's renowned "Whopper" burger looks much better in 1967 compared to what we consume from American-style fast-food restaurants today.
  • Ad for a pill that wakes you up

    Ad for a pill that wakes you up
    This was a simple caffeine pill that was said to be "safe as coffee" by the creators. Today, nodoz still manufactures and distributes their caffeine pills.
  • A Taste of Women's Fashion in the Late 1960s

    A Taste of Women's Fashion in the Late 1960s
    It was the summer of '69! You could get T-tops for $1.50!