B1- Derek K. DOMINIC A.

  • Political party

    Political party
    FDR was inaugurated into the white house as a member democratic party. He appointed the first woman ever into his cabinet.
  • Chief of legislator

    Chief of legislator
    Congress passes the Reforestation Act, which provided the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC immediate work for 250,000 young men through national reforstation program.
  • Chief of state

    Chief of state
    FDR by presidential proclamation takes the US off the gold standard. Which the value of the dollar declinesd internationally, but the policy also allowed more money to become available to the people, which then started stimulating the economy.
  • Chief Diplomat

    Chief Diplomat
    FDR goes to London to an international conference, to talk about the depression occuring during that time period. Very little was acomplished because FDR disagreeded about the correct coarse of action.
  • Executive order

    Executive order
    FDR made an executive orderto establish the Civil Works Administration. He made Harry Hopkins the head of the administation, the CWA provided work for 4 million unemployed Americans durning that time.
  • Commander and Chief

    Commander and Chief
    FDR signs the nuetrality act, forbbiding the shippment of arms and munitions to belligerents during a "state of war." The bill is put into effect a month later after the declaration of state of war between Italy and Ethopia.
  • Chief executive

    Chief executive
    FDR appointed liberal Hugo L. Black from Alabama to fill the empty slot in the supreme court. He appointed him but was not liked for doing so because Black was a member of the KKK during his youth.