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  • Chief of state

    Chief of state
    Roosevelt Poses with Al smith to appeal to the public. Although this was before his term, it showed how he was appealing to the public . This is a representation of cheif of state.
  • Political party leader

    Political party leader
    Roosevelt appoints Garner as Vice President. By doing this FDR helped strengthen his party. This shows an example of how presidents are their political party leaders and help strengthen their party.
  • Diplomat

    FDR proposed a foreign policy called the Good Neighbor policy. This policy was made to strengthen relations with Latin American nations. This is an example of diplomacy used by Roosevelt
  • Executive order

    Executive order
    A special session of Congress summoned by Roosevelt passes a weeklong national bank holiday, containing a spreading bank panic, It was his executive order to call a special session and keep congress during a national holiday
  • Legislative

    Franklin D Roosevelt creates several new agencies including: the National Recovery Administration, the Public Works Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Farm Credit Administration. All these agencies FDR helped pass through congress display his legislative power.
  • Executive (1932-1945)

    FDR had 635 total vetoes as president. This is more than any other president, maybe partly due to his long time in office. Even with more time in office, that is still a ton of vetoes. He displays his strong executive power tor eject congress
  • Commander in chief

    Commander in chief
    Roosevelt declares war after the bombing on pearl harbor. This is an example of his power as commander and cheif. He showed his strong power over the military to take quick action in a tragic event
  • The most important thing he did

    The most important thing he did
    The most important thing that FDR did was declare war against the nazis because his decision changed the world.