The History of the Castle of Ioannina

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  • -300 BCE

    Αncient times (Hellenistic period)

    Fortification at the area of the Castle, where an ancient settlement existed from ca. 5th BC.
  • 528

    Part of the Byzantine Walls (Ioustinianou str.)

    Part of the Byzantine Walls (Ioustinianou str.)
    Supposed construction date (under Justinian) of the byzantine wall upon ancient ruins.
  • Jan 1, 1082

    Tower of Bohemond (Voemundus)

    Tower of Bohemond (Voemundus)
    Conquest by the Normans of Sicily (Bohemond I). Renovation of the city walls with additions to the two citadels/acropolis. Construction of trench.
  • Jan 1, 1204

    Byzantine Gate / NE Acropolis

    Byzantine Gate / NE Acropolis
    Reestablishment of the city, reinforcement of a large part of the fortress’ walls. Εstablishment of the Despot (Michael I Comnenos Ducas, founder of the "Despotate of Epirus") in the NE acropolis, as well as of noble families from Constantinople in the SE acropolis.
  • Jan 1, 1375

    Tower of Thomas

    Tower of Thomas
    Repair and renovation of the fortress by Thomas Preljubović (Preliubos), Despot of Ioannina. Construction of the fortified tower at the entrance of the Castle.
  • Jan 1, 1430

    Central Gate

    Central Gate
    Peaceful occupation by the Turks (Sinan Pasha). Neglection of the Castle
  • Memorial of Dionysius the Philosopher

    Memorial of Dionysius the Philosopher
    Expulsion of Christians from the Castle & abolition of privileges, due to the revolt of Dionysius the Philosopher. Islamization of lords of the Castle.
  • Madrassa (Medreses)/School of Islamic Theology

    Madrassa (Medreses)/School of Islamic Theology
    Establishment of mosque in the NE acropolis by Aslan Pasha, in memory of his victory over Dionysius. Creation of a religious and educational center with several buildings.
  • Its Kale Acropolis

    Its Kale Acropolis
    Completion of the building programme of Ali Pasha: construction of inner and new outer wall of the fortress (for the reinforcement of defence) with gates, towers and arcades, construction of the fortified tower “Litharitsia”, renovation of the mosque at the SE acropolis, building of palaces (seraglios).
  • Western Bastion of Its Kale

    Western Bastion of Its Kale
    Conquest of the Castle by the troops of Sultan (Hurshid Pasha) after a 17 month siege. Death of Ali Pasha.
  • Ruins of the Seraglio (palace)

    Ruins of the Seraglio (palace)
    Devastation of the Seraglio (palace) of Ali Pasha at Its Kale.
  • Its Kale Gate

    Its Kale Gate
    Liberation of Ioannina. Settlement of the Greek army at Its Kale (SE acropolis). Foundation of a military hospital.
  • Municipal Ethnographic Museum

    Municipal Ethnographic Museum
    Installation of the Municipal Ethnographic Museum in Aslan Mosque (NE acropolis), which contains a Greek, Muslim and Jewish collection.
  • Old Synagogue (Kahal Kadosh Yashan)

    Old Synagogue (Kahal Kadosh Yashan)
    Arrest (at Its Kale and Jetty) of 1.850 Jewish inhabitants of the Castle and surrounding streets. Deportation to Auschwitz, from where only 163 survived.
  • Byzantine Museum

    Byzantine Museum
    Allocation of SE Acropolis (Its Kale) to the Ministry of Culture. Highlighting of the acropolis and monuments. Establishment of the Byzantine Museum (1995).
  • Western Walls (Philanthropinon str. Gate)

    Western Walls (Philanthropinon str. Gate)
    Restoration of the Walls of the Castle by the Archaeological Service of Ioannina.
  • Silversmithing Museum (exhibit)

    Silversmithing Museum (exhibit)
    Establishment of the Siversmithing Museum by the PBGC Foundation at the southern part of Its Kale acropolis.