Oregon Homeless and Runaway Initiative

  • Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Passed

    Passed by the US Congress. Establishing a nation wide systematic response to runaway youth. Providing safety, and family reconciliation.
  • Looking Glass recieves RHY funding

  • Transitional Living Programs Funded

    United States Health and Human Services, Family and Youth servcies beuro established a funding program for services to homeless youth 16-21 years old for up to 18 months.
  • Deinstutionilation of status offenders

    The United States Surpreame court judged that runaways could not be detained in facitlities with criminal offenders. It mandated site and sound seperation from adult criminal offeders.
  • Oregon Homeless and Runaway Youth Study Completed

    Oregon Junival Justice Advisory Council Commisoned a detailed study of runaway and homeless youth in Oregon, authored by Ginger Bagget and Bob Donough.
  • Oregon Commission On Children and Families SB555 Passed

    Oregon Senate Bill 555 mandated coordinated planning from each of the 36 counties and desinated the Oregon Commission On Children and Families to lead state wide prevention and community mobilization for children 0-18 and their families.
  • Oregon RHY Funding begins

    Based on the results of the 1998 Oregon Homeless and Ruaway Youth study, fundig for services was allocated in the amount of $3 million dollars state wide. The funded was distrubted through the Oregon Youth Development Commision, allocated by each county.
  • Summit Bill 555 OCCF created in every county

  • Street Outreach Programs Funded

  • Oregon RHY funding ends

    Cateagorical funding for runaway and homeless youth services in Oregon was elimiated and merged as block grants with other funds to counties.
  • Level 7 services dropped

    DHS, Child Welfare through direction by the legislative, reduced funding for level 7 youth and transferred responsablity to the Oregon Commission on Children and Families.
  • PYD Demonstration is awarded

    Federal funding was allocated to the Oregon Commision On Children and Families for the intergration of the Positive Youth Development model into state youth policy and practices. 12 demonstration grants were awarded nationally.
  • House Bill 2599 is passed

  • OHRYC Established

    A group of Oregon advocates for homeless and runaway youth organized to establish a coordinated respose to the runaway and homeless youth problem in Oregon.
  • PYD Funding Reawarded

    The highly succusful Positive Youth Development demonstration project was one of nine states awarded continuation funding for another five years.
  • House Bill 2202 Research RHY Ordered from Legislative

    The Oregon House Of Represenitives directed the Oregon commision on Children and Families to research runaway and homeless youth in Oregon and develop a report to the 2007 legislative. Activities for this report was coordinated between the Oregon Commission On Children and Families In partenrship with the Oregon Homeless and Runaway Youth Coalition.
  • CEY Grant Awarded

    Partners: PSU, Lane County,
  • Compassion Capitol Fund Grant Awarded

    Compassion Capitol Fund Communities Empowering Youth Program grant directed activties in three areas to forward the goals of the Oregon Runaway and Homeless Youth Inicitive. Portland State Universety research was inicated to identify base line practices in state runaway programs. The youth adult partnership project establish youth as trainers to empower community youth and support in compaticy building was made availble to state runaway and homeless youth agencies.
  • PSU joins CEY efforts

  • Runaway and Homeless Youth Fuding Allocated

    For the first time in more then a decade one million dollars was allocated for services to homeless and runaway youth in Oregon. 8 project sites were funded in rurl communities to previously unserved communities.
  • Project Invoke Released

    Project Invoke Released
    PYD and OHRYC join forces for youth lead RHY video depicting a realistic view of homeless youth in Eugene, Oregon. This video although filmed in Eugene depicts the plight of runaway and homeless youth in cities across Oregon.
  • Oregon Network For Youth Established

    The Northwest Network For Youth in an effort to be responsive to youth needs developed state wide networks in the Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. The mission of the Oregon Network For Youth is to provide training and techincal assitance to youth programs and provide networking, education and advocacy to establish a unitifed voice for youth in Oregon.
  • OHRYC Website launches

  • CEY Retreat Dear Creek Center

  • National PYD Project Ends, State wide PYD Project Begins

    The ten year efforts promoting Positive Youth Development and intergrating those principals ends. State wide partners re-organize to contiue Positive Youth Development efforts in Oregon.