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  • Election Day!!

    Election Day!!
    Republican Herbert Hoover and his runner up democrat Alfred E. Smith ran this day for president. Hoover's electoral vote was 444, his popular vote was 21,432,823.
    Alfred's elector vote was 87, his popular vote was 15,004,336.
  • Agricultural Marketing Act

    Agricultural Marketing Act
    When he became president he pushed the Agricultural Marketing Act. he did this to help americans in there money.
  • Becoming president

    Becoming president
    the first lady of the house was Lou Henry Hoover. The vice president was Charles Curtis. And he's cabinet service was sec. of commerce, and his other offices were Head of Commission for Relief in Belgium; US Food Administrator; Director of American Relief Administration.
  • Depression

    Herbert Hoover tried eveything he could to feed people before he became president. But when he became pesident the great depression hit. People were homeless and jobless. He tried to stop it but it came anyhow.
  • Hoovervilles

    People in the depressionbecame so poor that they even lost their homes. So they made little shacks out of anything they could find. and this became to popular that there were villages and they called their vilages "Hoovervilles."
  • Riot!

    17,000 veterans all came to Washington to force passage of the Soliders' Bonus bill.
  • F.D.R wins

    F.D.R wins
    Franklin D. Roosevelt won over Hoover in the election for pesident in 1932. Only six states were behind Hoover.
  • Hitler!

    Was Roosevelt became president of the United Sates and Hoover came out of office. Adalf Hitler came to power. He said he was going to help the Germans and get them out of the big whole they were in.
  • He left!!

    He left!!
    Steel did have one full-time employee. The unemployment was 23.6%.
  • Hoover dam

    Hoover dam
    Hoover had an idea to build a dam to stop some of the flooding in California. The dam never came to be til Hoover left office and Roosevelt in forced in dam and he dedicated it to Hoover.