world war II

By gonzaga
  • Rise of adolf Hitler

    Rise of adolf Hitler
    IN 1933 adolf Hitler took chancelor of germany. started discriminating all that were not considered arian by the third reich.
  • paul von hindenburg

    paul von hindenburg
    world war I veterean, and president dies in 1934. hitler is presumed the successor.
  • the war begins

    germany invades poland with the aid of slovakia. hitler uses a stragedy known as blitzkreig or lighting war, poland surrenders within weeks
  • fall of france

    fall of france
    germany invades frace belgium and luxembourg. belguim and luxembourg surrendered within weeks..italy also invaded france, france also surendered soon after.
  • america enters the war

    america enters the war
    on the early morning of dec. 11, 1941 at 10:00 am japanese fighters make an attack on the american pacific fleet sationed at pearl harbor. president roosevelt made a declaration of war weeks later. he also entered the eurpean theatre aiding the allies.
  • chinese victory

    chinese victory
    chinese forces successfully defeat japan at the battle of Changsha. it was the first real allied victory
  • guadalcanal

    american forces gain full controll of guadalcanal from japan.
  • liberation of france

    liberation of france
    the allies launch a risky offensive off the coast of normandy, france. five thousand british and american ships are in the campaign. heavy shelling from the ships softened the landings for soliders. hitlers atlantic wall was crumbling
  • fall of the reich

    fall of the reich
    on april 30 1945 american and soviets troops link up and capture the german parliment at the reichstag. germany was defeated.
  • hitler commits suicide

    shortly after the fall of the reichstag hitler commits suicide in his chancellory bunker.
  • atomic bombs

    atomic bombs
    amreican bomber dropped atomic bombs on the japanese cities of nagasaki and hiroshima.
  • japan surrenders

    japan surrenders
    japan surrenders to the allies... the war ends on sept. 2,1945. the surrender documents wre signed on the uss missouri.
  • Period: to

    new orkleans