Picture 25

The Sweet History of Chocolate

  • Mar 22, 600

    Cocoa for Currency

    Cocoa for Currency
    Mayans move into South America and use coca beans as a unit of currency
  • Mar 22, 1300

    Restricted Cocoa

    The Aztecs tax the beans and restrict them only to the elite
  • Mar 22, 1400

    From the New World

    Christopher Colombus brought coca back to England after his fourth voyage to the New World for the King to Taste
  • Worldwide!

    The drinking of chocolate spreads all over the world
  • The Good Stuff

    Cadbury, Fry Sons and Ghiradelli start prducing chocloate in similar forms to what we are used to seeing today
  • Hershey

    Milton Hershey sells his first chocolate bar in Pennsylvania using modern mass-production techniques that makes chocolate affordable to the majority of the population.
  • Hersheyville

    Milton Hershey creates a town called Hersheyville dedicated to the production of Hershey's chocolate
  • Designer

    Designer chocoloate bars are invented
  • A Box of Chocolates

    The Swiss invent a way to fill chocolates and so the first box of filled chocolates is created
  • Lots of Chocolate!

    Today, the Netherlands are the largest producers and traders of chocolate. They export most of their cocoa in the form of chocolate, but keep other sources of cocoa to be sold as powder to other countries to produce their own chocolate