World War II

By areejm
  • Nazi invasion of Poland

    Nazi invasion of Poland
    German forces attacked Poland from the north, south, and west. It resulted in Britain and France to start a war with Germany.
  • Battle of the Atlantic begins

     Battle of the Atlantic begins
    longest continuous military campaign which used U-boats, and other warships. It was fought between the German Navy against Allied convoys
  • Tripartite pact

    Tripartite pact
    It was signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan and created the Axis Powers
  • Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor

    Surprise military attack on the Americans by Japan. It was attacked by 353 Japanese
  • First battle of El Alamein

  • Battle of Stalingrad

  • Battle of the Barents Sea

    Between German and Britsh ships
  • First American bombing in Wilhelmshaven

    towards the Germans
  • Battle of Kasserine

    Passed between the US first Armored Division and German Panzers in North Africa.
  • first atomic bomb dropped on Japan