127 hours

Timeline created by Ivona8
  • First day

    First day
    Aron Ralston was hiking alone through Blue John Canyon and the boulder trapped his right arm against the canyon wall.
  • Second day

    Aron spent all day chipping the boulder, but he released that was not enough and that he will have to think of something else.
  • Third day

    Aron doesn't have much water left, so he has to schedule it to last as long as possible. He spent the day trying to lift the boulder, chipping and counting minutes before his next drink. He decided to save his urine for later when he had no water.
  • Fourth day

    Aron drank all the water and ate both burritos. Aron began to hallucinate. Because of the vision, he realized that the thought of seeing friends and family again kept him alive. He also realized that he did not pay as much attention to them as he should because he was too busy with work and hiking. He decided he would be better towards them.
  • Fifth day

    Aron had a vision of himself playing with a future child while missing part of his right arm. That give him hope that he will survive.He started to think how to amputate his arm.
  • Sixth day

    Sixth day
    Aron discovered that his arm began to decompose and that he can break his arm by using his own weight. He amputated his arm. Rescuers searching for Aron picked him up by helicopter in another canyon after tourists from the Netherlands inform the police.