MT fuji and kirishima volcanic eruptions

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    Mt fuji desasters

    Four explosions occurred until an event about 2300 years ago, causing liquid mud to be spilled in the nearby city of Gotemba. -289
  • Mar 20, 864

    Mt fuji

    In the year 864, a well-documented explosion occurred which rocked Japan for a period of ten days, during which dozens of people were killed and their homes destroted.
  • Mt fuji eruption

    Mt fuji eruption
    On the fateful day of December 16, 1707, Mt. Fuji began bring up ash. The explosions continued for a period of more than two weeks, spitting up hundreds of millions of cubic feet of volcanic ash, which was spread for miles and miles to the east of the mountain. it all ended in early january 1708 To put the range of the explosion into context, ash even fell in the city of Tokyo nearl
  • Mount Kirishima before eruption

    Mount Kirishima before eruption
  • Mount Kirishima eruption

    Mount Kirishima eruption
    Mount Kirishima, began erupting on Jan. 26. prompting the Tokyo VAAC to issue an ash warning for places above 25,000 feet. lava bombs that are rounded as they fly through the air for more than a mile high from its vent. A volcanic vent is a gap in the Earth's crust through which lava and volcanic gases can escape.
  • Mt fuji after eruption

    Mt fuji after eruption