History of ATA Standard!!! :)

  • ATA-1

    28-bit logical block addressing (LBA). Also has a 137 GB for size. Other names are ATA, or IDE. (obsolete since 1999)
  • Period: to

    ATA history span

  • IDE (pre ATA)

    IDE (pre ATA)
    22 bit logical block addressing (LBA).
  • ATA-2

    PCMCIA connector. Other names are EIDE, Fast ATA, Fast IDE, Ultra ATA. (obsolete since 2001)
  • ATA-3

    S.M.A.R.T., Security, 44 pin connector for 2.5" drives. other name is EIDE. (obsolete since 2002).
  • ATA/ ATAPI-4

    ATA/ ATAPI-4
    AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI) Optional overlapped and queued command set features, Host Protected Area (HPA), CompactFlash Association (CFA) feature set for solid state drives.Other names are ATA-4, Ultra ATA/33.
  • ATA/ ATAPI-5

    ATA/ ATAPI-5
    80-wire cables. Other names are ATA-5, Ultra ATA/ 66.
  • ATA/ ATAPI-6

    ATA/ ATAPI-6
    48-bit LBA. Other names ATA-6, Ultra ATA/100. The size was 144 PB.
  • ATA/ ATAPI-7 (volume 1, 2, 3)

    ATA/ ATAPI-7 (volume 1, 2, 3)
    Streaming feature set, long logical/physical sector feature set for non-packet devices. Other names were ATA-7, Ultra ATA/133.
  • ATA/ ATAPI-8

    ATA/ ATAPI-8
    Hybrid drive featuring non-volatile cache to speed up critical OS files. Other name is ATA-8. ( currently still working on it.)