• Japan signs Anglo-Japanese alliance with Britain. The Japanese had relations with European countries before World War One.

  • Imperial Conference decides to go to war with Russia. This would lead to a historic victory.

  • Japanese navy attacks Russian ships by Port Arthur

  • Japan declares war on Russia

  • Japan beats Russia in battle of Tsushima. This established Japan as a powerful modern country.

  • Japan creates Kwantung army to protect Manchuria. Japan focused on the militarization of their country.

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  • Japan declares war on Germany. This gave the Allies another useful ally.

  • Germany surrenders Shandong province of China to Japan. Japan had acheived their main objective in World War One, which was to gain part of China as their territory.

  • Japan gives China 21 demands. This was a step along the way to Japan's colonization of parts of China.

  • China agrees to first 4 demands

  • World War One ends, bringing the conflict to a close.