• Henery Ford

    Founder of Ford Moter Company, and developed the Model T, and was born in Dearborn ,Township.
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  • 1st recorded race

    The first recorded race of two self powered road vehicles was between Ashton-under-Lyne and Old Trafford, a distance of eight miles. Made by their own manaufauture.
  • 4 stroke engine

    Nikolaus Otto, a German inventor showed how to use the 1st 4 stroke engine.
  • British engineer

    James Atkinson, a British engineer he invented the 1st Atkinson cycle engine which is a interal combustion engine.
  • author William

    William Fletcher wrote “The History and Development of Steam."
  • 1st major race

    The first major automobile race with prizes was located at the 78- mile route in Paris and Rouen France.
  • Battery opperated

    1st propelled cabs located in NYC and had to be charged by battery every 25 miles in use.
  • auto club

    The Auto Club of California was created by the 11automobilists
  • Charles Cotta

    Charles Cotta built the Cottamobile, a steam-powered car with individual chains driving each of 4 wheels.
  • Burton Westcott

    Burton Westcott,brought his familys business called Westcott Motor Car. Co from Indiana to Ohio and worked with allt he automobiles by hand.
  • Willie Vanderbilt

    Willie Vanderbilt reached 92.3 mph in his new German motorcar reaching the new land record.
  • converting

    Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, was bicylce makers and then later converted into car making industry with Skoda Pilsen.
  • Herbert Austin

    Herbert Austin began to make cars in England which than became very popular and which was then made into the main factory called MG rover.
  • electrical car

    Studebaker from Indiana invented the electrical car which could then be charged from your own home.
  • 1st rode map

    The Cailifornia State Automobile Association created its 1st road map.which by 2008 was then converted to all digital technology.
  • battery-car

    Studebaker sold battery-powered cars from 1902 to 1912. which electirc cars were coming into more high demand and popular.
  • instrutions

    The 1st Michelin guide in Britian was published to help traverls all around to show how to change a tire guied instrutions.
  • Cadillac

    Charles Franklin Kettering introduced the 1st electric-starter on the Cadillac in 1912. Thats when Cadillac adopted the electirc-self -starter.
  • New company

    Joe Saunders lived in Nebraska and launched the 1st car business hiring company, when he began to lend his Model T to other salesmen.
  • Burton Westcott

    Burton Westcott was forced to end his company called Westcott Motor Car. Co in Ohio.