Civil rights

civil rights timeline

  • End of WWII

    End of WWII
    This date was the end of World War 2. This day was know as V-E Day, or Victory in Europe.
  • Brown V. Board of Education Decision

    Brown V. Board of Education Decision
    This was a Supreme Court Case about how an 8 year old girl wasnt allowed to go to a white school because she was black. Brown won and there was no longer segregated schools.
  • Rosa Parks Incident

    Rosa Parks Incident
    This incident was about how Rosa Parks wouldnt give up her seat on the bus and she got arrested because of it.
  • Period: to

    Montgomery Bus Boycott

    This a boycott about how the African Americans didnt ride the bus for over a year because of discrimination
  • Little Rock Nine Incident

    Little Rock Nine Incident
    This was an event when nine African American people were goin to a white high school. the governer to the school not to let them in. the president called in the National Guard to make sure they get into the school.
  • Sputnik Launched

    Sputnik Launched
    This was when the Soviet Union launched a satalite.
  • U-2 Incident

    U-2 Incident
    This was when a spy plane for the United States was shot down. This marked the deteriation of relations between the Soviet Union and United States.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    this was the plan to take down Fidel Castro. this plan was exacuted but failed.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    This was a thirteen day period when cuba had nuclear weapons pointed at the US.
  • Letter from Birmingham Jail

    Letter from Birmingham Jail
    This was when MLK JR. wrote an letter in jail and it was published. it was about Civil Rights.
  • March on Washinton

    March on Washinton
    This event was when over 250,000 African American people marched to Washinton D.C. They did this march to gain Civil Rights.