The reptile room cover

The Reptile Room Events

  • Uncle Monty's House

    Uncle Monty's House
    At the end of Chapter 1 it gives a description of the entryway of Uncle Monty's House it says: "They saw a dark burgandy carpet that lay on the floor. They sawa stained-glass light fixture that dangled from the ceiling. They saw a large oil paiting of to snakes entwined together that hung on the wall."
  • OUCH?!

    Sunny is bitten on the chin by the Incredibly Deadly Viper. This doesn't affect Sunny at all for she bit it on its nose. Sunny becomes friends with the viper. Page 29 states, "Klaus looked at his baby sister who was still in his arms, as she playfully gave the Incredibly Deadly Viper a big hug around its thick body..."
  • A couple days from Arrival

    Count Olaf is disguised as Uncle Monty's assistant. He shaves his beard and grows a long beard on his chin. In this book his disguised name is "Stephano".
  • The Threatening Knife

    Count Olaf, or Stephano, uses a long, shiny knife to warn the Baudelaires of telling Uncle Mony his true identity.
  • Time to Talk

    Time to Talk
    The Baudelaires finally have time by themselves with Uncle Monty but he doesn't let them say who Stephano really is because he is to busy talking about who he thinks Stephano is, a member of the Herpetogical Society, and ripped Stephano's ticket to the PROSPERO.
  • The Day of the Expedition

    The Day of the Expedition
    Stephano, or if you want to Count Olaf, says that Unle Monty will not be coming to the expedition. Klaus and Violet dont believe him so "Stephano" says that they can ask him because he isin the Reptile Room.
  • The Upsetting Surprise

    The Upsetting Surprise
    When the Baudelaires entered the Reptile Room They found that Uncle Monty was dead. Page 90 gives a description. "The shadowy mass was Uncle Monty. His mouth was slightly agape, as if he were suprised, and his eyes were wide open, but he didn't apear to see them. His face, usaully rosey, was very, very pale, and under his left eye were two small holes, right in a line. the sort of mark made by two fangs of a snake" as he promissed no harm came to the Baudelaires, but great harm had come to him.
  • Police! Police!

    Police! Police!
    Klaus and Violet think they know that "Stephano" murdered Uncle Monty. Klaus says that he will call the cops but "Stephano" isn't scared. he just pulls out his long, shiny threatening knife and says, "'This is my knife. It is very eager to hurt you- almost as eager as I am. If you don't do what I say, you will suffer bodily harm. Is that clear enough for you? Now get in the ---- jeep.'"
  • Heading to the PROSPERO

    While going to the PROSPERO, Count Olaf crashses into Mr. Poe and Klaus tries to tell him tha Stephano is really Count Olaf but, again, Mr. Poe tells him not to interrupt. It is here that he finds out that Uncle Monty died because of "snake bite". Violet says that stephano is really Count Olaf but when Mr. Poe asks himif he can see his Left ankle, the tattoo of an eye isn't there
  • Calling the Doctor

    Calling the Doctor
    When they get back home with Mr. Poe They call the doctor. When he arrives all the adults sit down and talk then Mr. Poe sends them out because they are acting "upset". Violet, Klaus and, Sunny go to the Reptile Room ...............
  • The end of THE REPTILE ROOM

    The end of THE REPTILE ROOM
    To know the end of THE REPTILE ROOM you need to READ THE BOOK!!!!!