Corinne's Renaissances

By C.E.W
  • Apr 6, 1386


    the greatest sculptor of the 15th century. He was interested in the ideas of humanism and nature.
  • Feb 15, 1390

    Van Eyck

    No one ever knew when Jan was born. They think it must have been around the 1390's. Jan died in 1441 and was buried on July 9, that year. Jan Van Eyck's most famous painting was Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride, (painted in 1434). The Ghent Altarpiece was started by his brother, Hubert Van Eyck, in 1425 Jan Van Eyck was Dutch. He was born in the province of Limberg, in the region between the Netherlands and what is now called Belgium
  • Sep 10, 1391

    Ghiberti, Lorenzo

    sculptor, painter, and metalworker. Ghiberti is known for his bronze 'Doors of Paradise' which he entered in a contest. His work focused on nature, the human body, and classical tradition.
  • Mar 1, 1400


    painter who combined Gothic tradition with the Italian Renaissance. His works are praised for their religious qualities and artistic excellence. In 1421 he entered the Dominican monastery at Fiesole. He spent most of his life in Florence at the monastery of San Marco.
  • Mar 10, 1400

    Della Robbia, Luca

    Italian sculptor, earliest and greatest of Della Robbias.
  • Jan 8, 1430


    Giovanni was born in Venice in 1430 Gentile Bellini later died on Febuary 23, 1507Bellini painted several famous pictures. Two of those pictures were The Agony in the Garden and The Crucifixion. He also painted The Virgin and Child with Two Saints and the Lamentation Over the Body of Christ.
  • Jan 9, 1445


    Botticelli was born in Florence, Italy, in 1445. He lived to be about 65 and died around 1510.Botticelli was famous for many paintings. One of these was The Adoration of the Magi. Another one was The Birth of Venus which was done in 1484. Then he painted The Judith. In 1477 he painted Primavera.
  • Mar 3, 1445

    Botticelli, Sandro

    was a ward of the Medici family. He painted portraits of the family and many religious pictures. From 1481-82 he painted wall frescoes in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican. Most of his paintings were religious in nature.
  • Mar 10, 1449

    Ghirlandaio, Domenico

    Italian fresco painter, born in Florence; greatest of a family of Florentine painters; tendency toward realism and individual expression; scenes from life of St. Francis and 'Adoration of the Shepherds' (1485) in Sassetti Chapel, St. Trinita Church, Florence
  • Mar 2, 1450

    Bosch, Hieronymus

    Dutch painter. Bosch specialized in religious parables and devilish themes from everyday life.
  • Apr 15, 1452

    Da Vinci

    Da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, and died May 2, 1519. Da Vinci was an architect, musician, engineer, scientist and inventor. He sketched the first parachute, first helicopter, first aeroplane, first tank, first repeating rifle, swinging bridge, paddle boat and first motor car.
  • Feb 15, 1475


    Paolo Uccello was born in 1397. Paolo Uccello passed away in 1475 , at the age of 78. Paolo Uccello's greatest paintings were three panels: The Battle of San Romano, Night Hunt, and The Deluge. Other paintings done by Uccello are portraits of Sir John Hawkins, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Donatello and St. George and the Dragon. Uccello's paintings resemble life and confuse us into mistaking illusions for reality.
  • Mar 6, 1475


    Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475, in a town near Florence.Michelangelo was a great leader in the Italian Renaissance. His greatest glory, painting the Sistine Chapel, began in 1508, and was completed in 1512.
  • Feb 14, 1477


    Tiziano Vecelli was known as Titian to the world. Titian was born in 1477 and died in 1576 at the age of 99. Titian lived with his uncle while working as an apprentice for a mosaic artisan. Titian is famous for such paintings as: The Gypsy Modonna, The Holy Trinity, Emtombment, Pope Paul III, Self Portrait, Man in the Red Cap, Pietro Aretino, Venus d'Urbino, King Francis, Charles V on Horseback, and Pievedi Cadore. Tiziano's first painting was The Three Frescos in Padua.
  • Apr 6, 1483


    Raphael was born on April 6, 1483,He was born in UrbinoRaphael painted the Madonna dell Granduca, The Small Cowper Madonna, and The Alba Madonna
  • May 10, 1483

    Raphael [Raffaello Sanzio]

    master painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance. He is most famous for painting angels and Madonnas, in which he painted over 300 in his lifetime. Raphael also painted portraits including one of Pope Julius II.
  • Apr 3, 1489

    Corregio Antonio Allegri

    one of the great painters of the 16th century Italian High Renaissance style.
  • Apr 1, 1500

    Cellini, Benvenuto

    1500-1571 leading Renaisance goldsmith and an important sculptor. He became famous through his autobiography and the opera based on his life.
  • Jan 1, 1512

    Michelangelo paints the sistine chapel.

    It took Michelangelo from 1508-1512 4 years to paint the sisten chapel. He lived from 1475-1564.
  • Feb 10, 1525


    Pieter Bruegel was born in 1525.He died at the age of 44 in 1569. He painted mainly religious paintings. Some of these reflected the influence of Biblical proverbs. Bruegel satirized the folly and sinfulness of human kind. He probably viewed organized religion as an obstacle between men and God.
  • Mar 4, 1525

    Bruegel, Pieter the Elder

    was the first in a family of Flemish painters. Bruegel's greatest inspiration was landscapes although his works vary greatly from Bibical scenes to social satire.
  • Feb 11, 1528

    Albrecht Durer

    Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 and died in 1528. He was 57 years old.Some of his great works are his Self-Portrait and Adam and Eve. Some of his others are Melainelalia which was painted in 1514, Knight, Death, and the Devil which was painted in 1513 and The Four Horsemen which was painted in 1498.
  • Apr 9, 1541

    El Greco

    unique artistic who painted religious works, a number of portraits and some dramtic vews of the Toledo landscape. His paintings contained vibrant colors, unusual perspectives, and strangely contorted figures.
  • Apr 13, 1571

    Caravaggio [Michelangelo Merisi]

    most revolutionary artist of his time.His paintings were realistic and dramatic.
  • Leonardo Da vinci

    Leonardo Da vinci
    Da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, and died May 2, 1519.Da Vinci was an architect, musician, engineer, scientist and inventor