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The Big Field

  • Chapter 1-5

    Keith Hutchinson (Hutch) loved to play baseball. He was born a shortstop and played there all his life, untill Darryl Williams joined the team. He is said to be the best player in the state since A-rod. Hutch was okay playing in the shadow of Darryl so he played second base. He still played to the best of his abilities. Hutch never had a good relationship with his dad and he knew it wasn't going to change.
  • Chapter 6-10

    Hutch played for the Cardinals. Today he was playing the Naples. The Cardinals won the game 6-5. Hutch made it on the TV that night. The next morning everyone was saying how he is a star on SportsCenter. Darryl gave him a hard time about him being on TV. Thei coach hit a ball to shortstop, but Darryl didn't flip the ball to Hutch fast enough. He got hit by the runner. The next day Hutch and his mom talked about why his dad never talks to him. She said he has always been that way.
  • Chapter 11

    The Cardinals were in the lead 3-0 in the top of the first inning. Hutch hit a triple that scored 2 runs. In the third inning the Cardinals were still winning 4-2. Darryl was up and struck out on a fastball that had a lot of heat on it. After the inning,Hutch went to second. There was two outs and it was the bottom of the 9th inning. The next hitter hit a line drive up the middle. Both Darryl and Hutch thought the same thing, "I got it."
  • Chapter 12

    Hutch and Darryl didn't hit heads ,it was more like shoulder to shoulder. They both were moaning in pain and got up slowly, but magically, the umpire looked in Hutches glove and the ball was there. The ump said "You're out!" and "Game over!" Darryl blammed Hutch for colliding and said, "That was my ball, "I called it. Hutch went home with his best friend Cody. In the car, Hutch asked Cody if he heard Darryl call the ball. Cody looked down and said. "Yes, we all did"
  • Chapter 13-14

    Hutch was in the paper again and his mom was the first to see it. Hutch was worried that being in the paper would make Darryl hate him even more. On thier way to practice, Hutch and Cody heard the sound of a bat and when they looked on the field they saw Hutch'ss dad and Darryl. Hutches dad was hitting Darryl baseballs and Darryl was fielding them. Hutch was not happy. As Cody and Hutch walked closer, Cody asked Hutch if his dad was lost or something. Hutches dad never came to any game.
  • Chapter 15

    Hutch got really mad and didnt understand why his dad was practicing with Darryl. Hutch charged at Darryl at the end of practice . He pushed his shoulder into him, knocking them to the ground. When Hutch and his dad where in the car , Hutch flipped out on him even know he knew he was in alot of trouble. Hutch got mad because his dad never talked to him about basbeall even though he almost made it to the majors. Mr. Cullen had suspended Hutch for the upcoming game.
  • Chapter 16

    On thier way home, Hutch's dad took him to the Emerald Dunes Golf Club were he caddied during the day. He usually goes there when he needs a quiet place to think. Hutch and his dad finally started having a conversation. Hutch asked him we he never wanted to coach his team. He said because he didnt want Hutch to care to much about baseball the way he did. Hutch's dad thought he was going to the Majors and he didnt want Hutch to think the same about himself.
  • Chapter 17- 18

    When he got home he told his mom about the fight. She was sorry that Hutch had to see his dad practicing with Darryl. The next day , Cody had to convice Hutch to come to the game that could get them in the finals. At the game, it was killing Hutch that he couldn't play. The game was tied up. Darryl was up and Hutch knew he was going to try to be the hero. Hutch told him, "Wait for the second pitch, it is alway a changeup." Darryl listened and he hit a bomb to win the game.
  • Chapter 19-20

    The next morning, Hutch woke Cody up nice and early. Cody wasn't happy. Hutch wanted to play baseball, even though Mr. Cullen had given them the day off. The next night, the team practiced under the lights. When Hutch had his turn at batting practice, he hit a ball that he thought had the legs to get out of Rodger Dean Stadium. But it landed on the warning track. Hutch knew he was going to hit a homerun when the game was tight and he would be a hero.
  • Chapter 21-23

    Hutch's mom tried to ask him about Darryl, but he said everything was okay. On game day, Hutch couldn't wait until game time. When the team arrived at Rodger Dean stadium, they were amazed. Tripp was the starting pitcher against the Astros lead hitter Rod Brown. In the third inning, the score was 0-0. Later in the game,it was tied 2-2. In the bottom of the ninth, a ground ball came to Hutch, with a runner on third. Just as he went down to get the ball, he missed it, and the run scored.
  • Chapter 24-25

    Hutch didn't move after the runner crossed the plate. He had made errors before; just never like this. He never felt lower in his life. Cody and Darryl tried to help him shake it off, but he felt horrible. That night his dad finally talked to him and he felt better. The next day, he and Cody went to the field early to practice. He was now geared up to play the next game. The score was 4-0 Orlando in the second inning. Later in the game the score was 4-3.
  • Chapter 26

    Cody hit a double and put the Cardinales in the lead 5-4. Orlando came back in the sixth to tie the game up. In the ninth inning, it was 6-5 with Hutch on 2nd base. Darryl was batting. He singled him in and the score was 7-5, 3 outs from winning. After 3 batters, the score was 7-6. One out away from game 3. The batter hit a line drive that went to Cody. The runner at first tried to score and Cody threw it home but Hutch had to stop the ball from going into the crowd and won the game
  • Chapter 27-29

    The next day Mr. Cullen called a short practice. Hutch went to the batting cages to hit and he saw his dad hitting. He was amazed. He stayed out of sight not wanting his dad to see him. Before game 3, everyone left the locker room, except Hutch and Darryl. They didnt talk much, but they went out on the field together. They were already trailing 2-0 because of a rocket 2 run homerun. Hutch stole home to make the score 2-1. Hutch and Darryl had a double play to get them out of the sixth inning.
  • Chapter 30-31

    The score was still 2-1. Pedro struck out 2 batters, walked one, and struck out the catcher. Just like that, it was the bottom of the ninth. Cody hit a ball over the first basemans head for a single. "Winning run on first!", Hutch said. Alex bunted to move Cody to second. Now, Hutch was up with a chance to win. He looked up in the stands at his dad. His dad looked right at him. Hutch bunted Cody to third, like his dad told him to. When Darryl got up, he cleared the DunkinDonuts sign with ease.
  • End of Book

    Darryl had hit a walk off to win the Championship Game. When Hutch got of the field, he hugged his dad and his dad hugged him back. Hutch had the best game of his life on The Big Field.