olivia's timeline

By oliviaj
  • middle east and europe

    militant taliban leaders seizeafghanistan
    britan alarmed by mad cow disease outbreak
  • Period: to

    us and world

  • FBI and south africa

    south africa gets new constitution
    FBI arrest suspected unabomber
  • us and uk,france

    us and uk and france agree to freeze nazies
    hong kong returnes to chinese rule
  • i was born

    march 29,1997
  • new york,russia

    two convicted in new york trade center bombing
    us shuttle joins russian space station
  • europe

    europe agree's on single curency
    russia fights to avert financial collapse
  • presidents

    president accused in sex scandal with monica lewinsky
    president outlines first balance in 30 years
  • cuban's

    cuban elian ganzalez age 6 reunites with his father
    president bush wins florida recount and win presidents election
  • us mad cow

    us sailors on navy destroyer die in yemen
    mad cow disease alarms europe
  • 911

    the twin towers get hit by two air planes 911
    us submarine in greenville sinks japanesse fishing boat
  • taliban

    taliban regims in afghanistan after 3 months of bombing
    Israel condems the palestine athority as a terror supporting entity
  • rebels

    armed rebels in haiti force president out and to resign and flee
    spain is rocked by terrorist attack 200 killed
  • democrats

    democrats national convention in boston nominates john kenny for president florida hit by hurricane bonnie
  • hurricane

    ellen johnson sirleaf becomes africa's first women elected head of state millions of iraqui voters ratify a new costitution
  • hurricane katrina

    hurricane katrina kills more than 1,000 people on the florida cost number of deaths of us soldiers in iraq reaches 2,000
  • militant group

    Militant group Hamas wins 74 of 132 seats in Palestinan legislative elector Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has a stroke
  • John Bolton

    Democrats gain control of both houses of Congress. John Bolton steps down because he dosn't have enough votes.
  • romania

    romania and bulgaria join the european union president vladamir putin announces russia will suspend the 1990 convention
  • senate

    the senate comfirmes mike McConnell as diretor of arm forces national intellegence the minimum wage goes up to $5.85
  • tribal

    tribal violence erupts in kenya after election between rail and odinga egypt brokers a ceasfire between isreal and hamas
  • Barack Obama

    the ius senate ratifies an agreement that india can buy nuclear fuel on the market barack obama and mike huckabee fight it out for president