Important Dates in Education

  • Women begin seek education

  • New York State College Begins exams

  • Cherles Beck: America's first Physical Education Teacher

    Beck taught the Friedrick Ludwig Jahn gymnastics style of physical education
  • Period: to

    Important dates in education

  • The Lindenwood School for girls

    Established by George Sibley
  • William Holmes McGuffy

    The first widely used textbook was the published by William Holmes McGuffy.
  • Friedrich Foebel

    Was a German educator who changed the philosphy of early childhood education.
  • Fobel

    Invents kindergarten. He develops a learning philosophy for children bewteen the ages of four and five using block, and painting.
  • Period: to

    Important Dates in Education

  • Horace Mann

    Horace Mann believed education for "normal" people helped developed well rounded citizens.
  • Normal Schools

    Normal schools were places to provide teacher trainning.
  • Women begin to seek out education

  • Elizabeth Peabody

    Peabody opens the first formal kindergarten in the United States.