History of the automobile

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    Automobile History Span

  • First self running automobile created

    First self running automobile created
    A man named Joseph Cugnot created a 3 wheeled self running automobile and named it the Fardier Vapuer. this is significant because people are starting to have a new way of travel.
  • 1st elecrtic form of transportation created

    this is significant because this is showing how fast after the steam engine was first created people such as Robert Anderson (created the electric engine) want to make a more efficent form of an automobile
  • first gasoline running automobile created

    A man named siegfried marcus created the first gasoline running automobile. this is significant because this is the begining of the future for cars
  • first gas pump

    the first gas pump was installed in fort wayne. this is important becuase people who own autmobiles need a place to get fuel.
  • standard drum brakes introduced

    Louis Renault is the man who created standard drum brakes which are currently still the base of 20th century cars. this is significant because it made driving much safer and more reliable.
  • GM motors is created

    a man named william durant created a company called general motors that is now the biggest company in the world. this is significant because without gm we would probably have a lot less cars.
  • Henry ford intorduces the model-t

    this model-t car introduced by ford motors was a favorite of the people because of the price and the quality. this is significant because the model-t was one of the most bought cars and it revolutionized the automobile industry.
  • the electric starter was introduced

    A man named charles kettering created the electric starter. this is significant because it made things a lot easier. its also a lot faster and saves effort and time
  • first moving assembly line for automobiles

    ford motor company was the first to use this assembly line. it's significant becasuse it made production a lot faster and than it was possible to sell more and lower the prices.
  • first car body made completely out of steel

    dodge motor company crerateed the first all steel body car. this is significant because it makes it a lot more safe incase a car accident were to happen
  • first one pedal brake pedal created

    The Hispano-Suiza H6B, a French luxury car, was the first to have one pedal for the 4 wheel brakes. this is significant because it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on driving while using the brake therefore it is more safe.
  • first power steering car

    Francis Wright Davis was the first credited with creating power steering. this is significant because if this wasnt created we would steel be having to use close to all of our stregth to turn the wheel while driving
  • first stretch limos

    the first stretch limos were created by a man named benny goodman. this is important because famous people or parties need a way of travel in big groups.
  • first succesful mass produced car

    The French automobile Citroën Traction Avant was the first car to be mass produced. this is significant because the buyers of the cars are able to get a hold of a car whenever they want.
  • turn signals introduced

    a company in delaware was the first to creat left and right flashing turn signals. this is significant because it reduces the chance of wrecks and makes drivers more aware.
  • first air conditioning introduced

    air conditioning was signifcant for the pretty ladies who didnt want the windows rolled down so their hair didnt get messed and they still had a way to cool offf on a hot day.
  • cruise control created

    Ralph Teeter, a blind man, was the creator of the first car with cruise control. this is significant because it allowed people on long roads to keep there car at a constant speed without having to have there foot on the gas constantly.
  • electronic fuel injection system created

    this allows automobiles fuel and air to be carefully controlled to keep the engine running at its prime at all times. this is significant because it allows people to save money in a sense of getting better fuel economy.
  • airbags become standard

    in the 70's airbags become a standard regulation becuase of the safety of the people if they get in a wreck. the air bags can save peoples lives and save them from flying through a windsheild that is why they are a significant change to the automobile.
  • first anti lock braking systems created

    anti lock brakes make cars sense unstability and they dont let the brakes lock up therfore saving peoples lives when driving on snow or in slick weather