Medieval Japan

  • Period: 400 to

    Medieval Japan

  • 505

    New musical instruments arrive form China

  • 522


    Buddhism comes to Japan in a form called Mahayana.
  • Jan 1, 607

    Constuction of Pagoda

    The constuction of the oldest standing pagoda begins.
  • Mar 3, 1194

    First shogun is appointed

  • May 4, 1255

    Fujiwara family ends rule

  • Mar 4, 1300

    Samuri start to use bow and arrow

  • Zen buddism arrives in Japan

  • Tea ceremonies arrive

  • Prince Shotoku

    Prince Shotoku starts his rule on Japan as a regent under Empress Suiko.
  • Prince Shotoku

    Prince Shotoku ends his rule as a regent under Empress Suiko.
  • Hiragana writing develops

  • Hiragana wrting devolops

  • Japan gets first new capital

    The first site chosen was Nagaoka; corrupt money built this city
  • Japan gets second new capital

    Emperor kamu stops building on Nagaoka and moves to Heian-kyo
  • Fujiwara Family rises