The Creature

By dior808
  • Creation of the Creature

    Victor creates the monster after 2 years of work.
    Victor leaves him and then e tries to connect with people, but they run away from him in fear because he is so ugly.
  • The creature goes into the village

    People beat the creature because he is so ugly.
    He goes into a house and the people do the same thing.
  • Period: to

    The Creature

  • The creature goes to Switzerland

    The creature goes to a hovel and watches a family of peasants.
    He learns the way of life from the peasants and takes care of them.
  • The creature goes to find Victor

    The creature is in despair knowing that Victor hated him and he goes on a search for Victor.
    On the way to Victor, in the woods he sees a little girl drowning and the father shoots him in the shoulder.
  • The creature goes to Geneva

    The creature sees a boy in Geneva he makes fun of him and he gets angry because he finds out it is Victor Frankensteins brother and accidently strangles him.
    He frames Justine for Williams murder.
  • The creature goes to the ice caves

    The creature finally spots Victor and asks him to talk to him in the cave.
    The creature tells Victor how he learned everything he knows from the peasant family and how alone he was and how he killed William.