Casey and Hannah's Presidential Election Timeline!!

  • Republican Rally

    Republican Rally
    Republicans hold a rally in the center of town to gain supporters for Huckabee and speak about his ideas
  • Democratic banquet

    Democratic banquet
    Democrats hold a banquet to raise money for Clinton and to speak about her different issues she agrees with
  • Types of Primarys

    Types of Primarys
    Alabama - open Alaska - closed Arizona - closed Arkansas - open California - open for democrates and independents, closed for republicans Colorado - closed Connecticut - closed Delaware - closed Florida - closed Georgia - open Hawaii - closed Idaho - both Illinois - must vote the same as last time Indiana - open Iowa - may change sides at registration Kansas - open for democrates, closed for republicans Kentucky - closed Louisiana - closed Maine - closedSouth Carolina - open South Dakota - close
  • Types of Primarys (2)

    Types of Primarys (2)
    Maryland - closed Massachusetts - closed for democrates and republicans but open for independent Michigan - open Minnesota - open Mississippi - open Missouri - open Montana - open for democrates closed for republicans Nebraska - closed Nevada - closed New Hampshire - closed for democrates and republicans, open for independents New Jersey - closed for democrates and republicans, open for independents New Mexico - closed New York - closed North Carolina - closed North Dakota - open Ohio - must vot
  • Iowa Primary Election

    Obama (D) & Huckabee (R)
  • Wyoming Primary Election

    Obama (D) & Romeny (R)
  • New Hampshire Primary Election

    Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • Michigan Primary Election

    Clinton (D) & Romeny (R)
  • South Carolina & Nevada Primary Election

    SC: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    NV: Clinton (D) & Romney (R)
  • Florida Primary Election

    Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • Super Tuesday!

    Super Tuesday!
    WV: Clinton (D) & Huckabee (R)
    UT: Obama (D) & Romney (R)
    TN: Clinton (D) & Huckabee (R)
    OK: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    ND: Obama (D) & Romney (R)
    NY: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    NM: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    NJ: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    MT: Obama (D) & Romney (R)
    MO: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    MN: Obama (D) & Romeny (R)
    MA: Clinton (D) & Romney (R)
    KS: Obama (D) & Huckabee (R)
    IL: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    ID: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    GA: Obama (D) & Huckabee (R)
    DE: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
  • Super Tuesday! (2)

    Super Tuesday! (2)
    CT: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    CO: Obama (D) & Romney (R)
    CA: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    AR: Clinton (D) & Huckabee (R)
    AZ: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    AK: Obama (D) & Romney (R)
    AL: Obama (D) & Huckabee (R)
  • Vermont, Texas, Rhode Island, & Ohio Primary Election

    VT: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    TX: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    RI: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
    OH: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • Pennsylvania Primary Election

    Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • North Carolina & Indiana Primary Election

    NC: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    IN: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • Oregon & Kentucky Primary Election

    OR: Obama (D) & McCain (R)
    KY: Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • South Dakota Primary Election

    Clinton (D) & McCain (R)
  • Democratic Convention

    Democratic Convention
    Held in Denver, Colorado from August 25th to the 28th at the Pepsi Center.
    President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were present, along with Nancy Pelosi who was the head of the convention.
  • Republican Convention

    Republican Convention
    The Republican Convention was held from september 1st to the 4th at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
    President John McCain and vice president Sarah Palin were present along with George Bush who was the head of the convention.
  • Obama's Campaigning Speech in Town!

    Obama's Campaigning Speech in Town!
    Obama holds a speech campaign in town to promote his ideas
  • McCain's Fundraiser

    McCain's Fundraiser
    McCain hold a dinner to raise money for his campaign
  • Obama's Fundraiser

    Obama's Fundraiser
    Obama has a dinner to raise money for his campaign and to speak about his ideas
  • McCain's Speech

    McCain's Speech
    McCain goes to visit a school to tell the students his ideas
  • Election day!

    Election day!
    obama - 69,456,897 popular votes
    McCain - 59,934,814 popular votes
  • Electoral College Vote

    Electoral College Vote
    Obama - 396 electoral votes
    McCain- 173 electoral votes Biden - 365 votes
    Palin - 173 votes
  • Obama's Inauguration

    Obama's Inauguration
    A formal ceremony that states the beginning of the presidents term in office when the 20th amendment of the constitution changed.