How to Make a Baby Quilt

  • Get Supplies to make the quilt!

    Get Supplies to make the quilt!
    Things you will need:
    Material of your choice
    Quilt Batting
    Measuring Tape
    Sewing Maching
  • Measure Material

    Measure Material
    The measurements for a baby blanket should be 60 inches long and 45 inches wide. You then cut your material to these measurements.
  • Lay Material Out

    Lay the material out flat on the table. Clamp the edges of the material down to the sides of the table using the clamps.
  • Place Quilt Batting

    Place Quilt Batting
    Cut the Quilt Batting to the measurements of the material. Lay the batting on the top of the material and re-clamp it to the table.
  • Place Top Layer of Material

    Place Top Layer of Material
    Cut another piece of material to the same measurements. Place it on top of the quilt batting. Replace the clamps where it holds all the layers to the table at the edges.
  • Thread Needle

    Run the thread through the hole in the top of the needle.
  • Run thread through layers

    Run thread through layers
    Run needle through all the layers from top to bottom all the way through.
  • Pull thread through

    Pull thread through
  • Tie Knots in the Thread

    Tie Knots in the Thread
    Tie three knots in the thread to hold it in place.
  • Cut the thread

    Cut the thread
  • Repeat Steps 6-8

    Repeat Steps 6-8
    Repeat steps 6-8. You want to do this about 6 inches apart throughout the whole quilt. This helps hold the layers together.
  • Prepare to Hem

    Prepare to Hem
    Fold the edges under towards the inside and pin along a straight edge.
  • Hem the Edges

    Using the sewing machine, hem the outside edges all the way around the blanket.
  • Enjoy the Finished Product

    Enjoy the Finished Product