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first comercialy grown GM food crop created

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  • Herbert W. Boyer

    Herbert W. Boyer
    Herbert W. Boyer discovered that genes from bacteria could be combined with genes in eukaryote. This was the first time anyone had ever successfully genetically engineered an organism and was the start of GMO production.
  • US Patens GMOs

    US Patens GMOs
    US Supreme Court patens the production of GMOs. Now GMO food crops could only be bought from companies.
  • 1st commercially grown GM food crop

    1st commercially grown GM food crop
    The first ever commercially grown GM food crop was created. A tomato was created so that it would take longer to spoil. This caused companies to start producing their own GM food crops.
  • Crops

    Monsanto creates seeds that are able to withstand Bt’s (pesticide) created by Monsanto, which meant that farmers could buy more and more of their pesticides without fear of the plants dying.
  • BT Crops

    BT Crops
    Monsanto genetically altered corn and cotton crops to produce their own BT (pesticide.) This means that farmers no longer have to worry about using pesticides to protect the plants.
  • Labeling GMOs

    Labeling GMOs
    European Union announces that GMO foods must be labeled as such, which now allows people to know what has happened to their foods and what is in their food.
  • Australia's new legislations

    Australia's new legislations
    Australia passes two new legislations to allow cloning and stem cell researcher. This meant that more companies were given the ability to create and research GM food products, and the research was being extended around the world.
  • Eggs Fight Cancer

    Eggs Fight Cancer
    Researchers at the Rosin institute bred genetically modified chickens that lay eggs that produce cancer fighting drugs. This meant that foods could be genetically altered to have drugs that will help to treat against diseases.
  • Clones Safe to Eat

    Clones Safe to Eat
    US Food and Drugs Administration announces that food and food products from cloned animals or their offspring’s are as safe to eat as normal animals. This will encourage food companies to produce GMO crops, because now more people will be fine with purchasing and eating cloned animals.
  • Salty Tomatoes

    Salty Tomatoes
    A gene from Arabidopsis was placed into a tomato to create a tomato that could grow in salt water. This allowed for new ways and methods for growing crops, which meant that GMs could be used more variedly.
  • GMOs of the future

    GMOs of the future
    GM food crops will be commonly used in our everyday food to provide us with essential vitamins and drugs that will protect us from diseases.