Top 10 tallest Structures Of Each Type Of Structure In The World

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  • #10 Gerbrandy Tower

    #10 Gerbrandy Tower
    All About The Gerbrandy Tower
    Category=Partially guyed tower
    Found in IJsselstein, Netherlands. It is the 10th tallest structure,
    -Height is 366.8 meters or 1,203 feet
  • #4 BREN Tower

    #4 BREN Tower
    Category=Tower for scientific research
    Found in Nevada, United States. The 4th tallest structure
    - Height is 462 meters or 1,516 feet
  • #5 Lualualei VLF transmitter

    #5 Lualualei VLF transmitter
    Category=Mast radiator
    Found in Lualualei, United States. The 5th tallest structure
    - Height is 458 meters or 1,503 feet
  • #2 KVLY-TV mast

    #2 KVLY-TV mast
    Category= Guyed Mast
    Found in Blanchard, United States. The 2nd tallest structure
    - Height is 628.8 meters or 2,063 feet
  • #9 Kiev TV Tower

    #9 Kiev TV Tower
    Category=Lattice tower
    Found in Kiev, Ukraine . It is the 9th tallest structure
    - Height is 385 meters or 1,263 feet
  • #7 Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station

    #7 Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station
    Found in Ekibastusz, Kazakhstan. It is the 7th tallest structure
    - Height is 419.7 meters or 1,377 feet
  • #6 Petronas Twin Towers

    #6 Petronas Twin Towers
    Video of Petronas Twin Towers
    Category=Twin towers
    Found in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It is the 6th highest structure
    - Height is 452 meters or 1,482 feet
  • #8 Dimona Radar Facility

    #8 Dimona Radar Facility
    Found in Dimona, Israel. It is the 8th tallest structure
    - Height is 400 meters or 1,312 feet
  • #1 Burj Khalifa

    #1 Burj Khalifa
    Podcast On Building the Burj
    Visiting the Burj Khalifa
    Category= Skyscraper
    Found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The #1 tallest structure
    - Height is 828 meters or 2,717 feet.
  • #3 Canton Tower

    #3 Canton Tower
    CNN World News Video About Canton Tower
    Category=Concrete tower
    Found in Guangzhou, China. The 3rd tallest structure
    - Height is 600 meters or 1,968 feet
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