The Manhattan Project

By dt06uuu
  • Einstein–Szilárd letter

    Einstein–Szilárd letter
    Einstein composes a letter to President Roosevelt, urging him to fund research for atomic weapons, as Nazi Germany may be looking into the same thing.
  • Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    Nazi Germany invades Poland, beginning WWII
  • MAUD developed

    MAUD developed
    MAUD Committee (Military Application of Uranium Detonation) established by Henry Tizard (English chemist and inventor) to investigate feasibility of an atomic bomb
  • Realization of nuclear bomb

    Realization of nuclear bomb
    Franz Simon (physical chemist) reports to MAUD that uranium-235 can be separated using gaseous diffusion. Gives cost estimates and technical specifications. James Chadwick (physicist) realizes "a nuclear bomb...is inevitable"
  • Final Report

    Final Report
    The MAUD Committee issues final detailed technical report on design and costs to develop a bomb. Advance copy sent to Vannevar Bush (American engineer) who decides to wait for official version before taking any action.
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    The Japanese attack Pearl Harbour. America declares war on Japan and several days later, Germany declares war on America.
  • Urgent

    The Manhattan Project is given permission to use the highest wartime priority rating by the War Production Board.
  • Project W-47

    Project W-47
    Project W-47, which was later known as Project Alberta, is established. The purpose is to plan the delivery of the bomb.
  • 509th USAAF

    509th USAAF
    The 509th Composite group from the USAAF is constituted to deploy the nuclear weapons
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    Germany formally surrenders to the Allied powers. This ends the war in Europe.
  • Hiroshima bombed

    Hiroshima bombed
    "Little Boy" a gun-type atomic bomb, is deployed on Hiroshima (the primary target)
  • Nagasaki bombed

    Nagasaki bombed
    "Fat Man", an implosion type nuclear weapon, is dropped on Nagasaki, the secondary target, as the primary, Kokura, was obscured by cloud cover
  • Surrender of Japan

    Surrender of Japan
    Japan formally surrenders to Allied powers, ending WWII.