History of the Microwave Oven (Ms. Olinde)

  • Microwave Energy Cooks!

    Microwave Energy Cooks!
    As Dr. Percy Spencer was working on magnetrons (vacuum tubes), he finds that the chocolate bar in his pocket has melted. He realizes that microwave energy cooks food fast,
  • First Commercial Microwave

    First Commercial Microwave
    The first commercial microwaves were 5 1/2 feet tall, weighed more than 700 pounds, and cost about 5,000 dollars. It also had to be connected to plumbing.
  • Early 1950s: First Microwave Ovens for Homes

    Early 1950s: First Microwave Ovens for Homes
    The first microwaves for home-use cost $1,295 and were in a cabinet the size of a refrigerator.
  • First Countertop Microwave Oven

    First Countertop Microwave Oven
    This model, put out in 1967, used less energy, cost under $500, and was much smaller. It was also safer than the models that came before it.
  • Federal Standards Put in Place

    Federal Standards Put in Place
    Standards and regulations set by the federal government fixed previous problems with microwaves leaking out of microwave ovens.
  • Microwaves Cheaper, Do More, and Sell

    During the 1970s, microwaves became increasingly inexpensive and were able to do more than previous models. Models were also air-cooled and did not require plumbing. By 1975, more microwave ovens were sold than gas ranges.
  • More Microwaves than Dishwashers

    By 1976, more households had microwaves than dishwashers. 60%, or about 52 million households, had microwave ovens this year.
  • Almost All Homes Have Microwaves

    Today, more than 95% of households have a microwave.