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The History Of Oceanography

  • Feb 1, 600


    The Phoenicians explored the ocean with sailing ships. They get to the coast but go no farther than the shore and coastline enviornments
  • Feb 1, 700


    Develop a system for navigation between the many Islands of the Pacific. They used the sun, stars, and other marks for finding their way.
  • Feb 1, 1000

    The Chinese Compass

    The Chinese Compass
    The Compass was invented by the Chinese mainly for voyages at sea. This allowed ships to venture off without hesitation about what direction they were going in.
  • Feb 1, 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Ferdinand Magellan
    Began sailing the first voyage at sea around the world. It was completed in 1521
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    James Cook maps the Pacific Ocean on the first of three voyages. He used a chronometer to obtain the first readings of longitude.
  • The Gulf Stream

    The Gulf Stream
    Benjamin Franklin publishes a chart of the Gulf Stream. He realizes that it takes two weeks longer for mail ships to make the trip from Europe to The United States then the return trip
  • Charles Darwin

    Visits the Galapagos Islands and discovers new species and thus being able to make his theory of evolution.
  • The First Atlas

    The First Atlas
    The first Atlas was created by Matthew Maury
  • The Challenger Expedition

    The Challenger Expedition
    The first ever recorded expedition devoted mainly scientific research.
  • Scripps

    The Scripps Institute is founded. It is the first to focus on Marine Studies.
  • Government Funding

    Government Funding
    Large scale government funding is given to ocean science after World War II
  • Deep Sea Drilling

    Deep Sea Drilling
    Deep Sea Drilling starts
  • Satellite Sensors

    Satellite Sensors
    The Coastal Zone Color Scanner is created. It gives scientists the ability to study the ocean on a larger global perspective.
  • Iron Hypothesis

    Iron Hypothesis
    John Martin tells about his Iron Hypothesis
  • Vikings

    They explored the Arctic and Northern Atlantic Ocean around Greenland, Iceland, and Newfoundland