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League Of Nations by Joe

  • End Of World War 1

    End Of World War 1
    World War 1 Ends
  • Period: to

    Leaugue Of Nations Timespan

  • Treaty Of Versailes

    Treaty Of Versailes
    Treaty of Versailes signed
  • First Meeting of the League

    First Meeting of the League
  • Machuria Crisis

    Machuria Crisis
    Japanese Invade China in an effort to gain control of railways
  • Abysinia Crisis

    Abysinia Crisis
    Italy invades ethopia league fails to act and give in to Dictator Mussolini
  • World War 2 Starts

    World War 2 Starts
    Germany Invades Poland and sparks a second world war
  • World War 2 Ends

    World War 2 Ends
    Geramany Surrenders
  • League Disbands

    League Disbands
    League of Nations reforms into United Nations