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    Naomi Golan was one of the original pioneers in the study of crisis intervention. She concluded that during the state of active crisis, and coping mechanisms where inadequate, a person is more acceptable to change. She believed brief, intensive, focused treament when the client is motivated, producds more effective change than long term treatment.
    Roberts, A. (2005). Crisis Intervention Handbook. Assessment, Treatment and Research (3rd ed.) Oxford. New York
  • mine explosion April 2010

    Mine Explosion April 2010Date: April 5, 2010
    Type of event: Mine Explosion
    Location of event: West Virginia coal mine
    Number of people directly affected by event: 29
    Community and organizational level of response:
    An explosion in a West Virginia coal mine kills at least 25 people and leaves 4 unaccounted for. Officials do not yet know what caused the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine, located about 30 miles south of Charleston.