john smith

  • Oct 12, 1492

    First Land Sighting new land

    First Land Sighting new land
    John Smith was looking for a new trade route to the Indies, but instead he found the Jamestown.
  • Period: to

    John Smith

    He was born in January 1580.He was baptized on January 9th.his dad died 1596.On December 20th the three ships of the expedition set sail.
  • Christopher Newport

    he lived 1561-1618.he was a privateer.he was english seaman.He arrived at james town MAY 14,1607.he died in JAVA in 1609 he became captain ofthe Virginia company 's new supply ship.
  • john smiths captivity

    john smiths captivity
    John smith was taken away by the Indians and Pocahontas saved John Smith from being killed!
  • first indian encounter

    first indian encounter
    It happen when he was seeking for food along the Chickahominy River.Smith was captured and taken to Cheif of the Powhatans.The village was on the North Shore of York River about 15 milesdue North of Jamestown and 25 miles downstream from where the rivers forms from Pamunkey River.Smith was eventually realeased without harm and later attributed this in part to the Cheifs Daughter " POCAHONTAS".Who threw her body over Johns to save his life.SO he was safely conducted to Jamestown.
  • johns smith's return to England

    johns smith's return to England
    He was injured by a gun powder explosive, and had to go back..For treatments.
  • starving time

    starving time
    During this time the people were so hungery so they had to eat their animals and when it got sooo bad they dug up the dead bodies and ate them! Out of who died or lived it was 60 out of 500-600! WOW
  • john rolfe and tobacco

    john rolfe and tobacco
    The natives tobacco the english didnt like, So John Rolfe introduce a sweeter strain from Trinidad, using the hard-to-obtain Spainish seeds he brought with him.John named his tobacco"Orinoco".
  • pocahontas move to england

    pocahontas move to england
    Pocahontas married to John Rolfe in april.They had a baby boy named Thomas.Pocahontas ran into John Smith in England.She was so upset she wouldnt talk for hours. She thought John Smith was dead!Pocahontas missed her home.Rolfe took Pocahontas home.On her way home she died at age 22....that is really young.