cht 31

By grubb
  • astronauts

    American astronuats land on the moon in July
  • Stonewall Riots

    Stonewall Riots
    Stonewall Riots in New York's Greenwich Village spark gay rights movement
  • Cambodia invasion

    Cambodia invasion
    U.S. foreces invade Cambodia in April
  • Kent State University

    Kent State University
    Ohio National Guardsmen fill four students at Kent State University in May
  • 26 amendment

    26 amendment
    States ratify the 26th amendment to the Constitution, giving 18 year olds the right to vote (july)
  • pres nixon

    pres nixon
    President Nixon visits China in February
  • Salt 1

    Salt 1
    U.S. and USSR sign SALT I accords in Moscow in May
  • Truce

    U.S. and Vietnam sign a truce in January
  • Nixon out

    Nixon out
    President Richard Nixon resigns from his presidency in August
  • Saigon, South Vietnam

    Saigon, South Vietnam
    Last evacuation helicopter leaves roof of U.S embassy in Saigon, South Vietnam
  • JImmy Carter

    JImmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter defeats Gerald Ford in presidential election
  • Panamal Canal

    Panamal Canal
    President Jimmy Carter signs Panama Canal treaties restoring sovereignty to Panama
  • Mass Suicide in Guyana

    Mass Suicide in Guyana
    Over nine hundred followers of Rev. Jim Jones die in a mass suicide in Guyana (November
  • election

    Ronald Regan wins presidency in a landslide
  • Iran

    Iranian militants take fifty trhee Americans hostage in U.S. embassy in Tehran
  • prisioners

    American hostages in Iran released after 444 days in captivity (January)