chapter 31

By ashm298
  • squad of NY policemen raided the stonewall inn

    it was frequented by gays and started the gay liberation movement.
  • first earth day

  • nixon signd 2 vital documents with soveit leader loenid brezhnez

  • break in atr the headquarters democratic national commitee at the watergate office complex in washington

    5 plumbers arrested
  • nixion ordered a series of heavy B-52 raids on hanoi

    lead to the signing of a truce
  • egypt and syria launched a suprise attack on israel

  • nixion resigned

    he was forced from office when the tapes of the watergate scandal were realeased.
  • ford granted nixon an unconditional pardon for all federal crimes he commited

  • reactor at 3 mile island nearly melted down when cooling system failed

  • iranian hostage crisis

    militants seized the us embassy in tahran and took 53 american prisoners.
  • cold war resumes when soviets invade afganihstan

  • iran release the 53 americans held hostage

  • ronald regan took office

  • isralelis honored a camp david pledge and made their final withdraw from sinai

  • congress approved a series of changes

    theat guarenteed the solvency of social security by gradual raising of the retirenment age, delaying cost of living increases for 6 months, and taxing pensions paid to the well to do elderly.