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  • James Cook And the pig war

    James Cook And the pig war
    British Exploror James Cook name Hawii
  • Goarge Washington

    Goarge Washington
    Goarge washington became prresident of the united states.
  • Arthur A Denny

    Arthur A Denny
    Helped Find Seattle washington. If he didnt find seattle than there would be no seattle today lol.
  • The Whitman Massacre

    The Whitman Massacre
    What now is called walla walla is were the massacre took place
  • Bertha Landis

    Bertha Landis
    First Female to be executive of seattle. She was the biggest female rolmodle at the time!
  • Great seattle Fire

    Great seattle Fire
    This happned aroiund 12:30 AM John Beck accedently started the fire It cause over 20 million dollers worth of damage
  • Weyehouser

    They have 900,000 Buisnesses. Witch is giving them 72.2 million dollers a year
  • Dixi Lee Ray

    Dixi Lee Ray
    He was the 17th Govenor of Washington
  • Willian Boeing

    Willian Boeing
    Founder of boeing companey . in seattle washington
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Ceo cofounder of Microsoft he makes over 50 million dollers a year.
  • Goarge Bush

    Goarge Bush
    Goarge Washington was the 43 President. He also Super Screwed our economey
  • Grand coulee Damn.

    Grand  coulee Damn.
    Biggest damn in columbie it contains 11,975,521 yards of concrete