olmstead vs. united states

By 12lucac
  • prohibition

    prohibition; amendment that band alcohol
  • olmstead spotted in a bootlegging raid

    olmstead was identified by police picking up a load of canadian whisky.
  • suppision of olmstead

    in sept. '24 Al Hubbard agreed to help bring down olmstead in excahnge for a job as a prohibition agent.
  • beginning down fall of Olmstead

    one of Olmstead's rumfunning launches was caught in canada. three men were arrested and 700+ cases of liquor were confiscated
  • OLmstead gets arrested

    Whitney, prohibition agent on the case gathers enough evidence for a search warrent and raids Olmstead's home arresting him and his wife along with 15 guests
  • Olmstead convicted

    olmstead is given a two count indictment along with 89 others.
  • Olmstead's trial.

    Olmstead's case was argued with 47 others. the other 43 either fled to canada or became cooperating whitnesses. this trial lowered the number of defendents to 29
  • Olmsteads final conviction.

    Olmstead was finally convicted along with 21 others.
  • Olmstead's appeal.

    olmstead appeals based on his fourth and fifth amendment rights. and argues his conviction. Olmstead looses and the U.S. supreme court upholds his conviction.
  • Olmstead returns to prison

    olmstead was taken back to McNiel island to finish his four-year sentence.