Kevin Life

  • When I Was one year.

    I Used to Play with Balls.
    I Couldnt Adsor Finger
  • When I Was Two Years.

    I Used To Scah My Brother Notebooks.
    I Couldnt My Go Descals
  • When I Was Three Years.

    I Used To Throw Rocks
  • When I Was Four Years.

    I Used Play With Toy Car.
    I Couldnt Have Long Hair
  • When I Was Five Years.

    I Used To Damage Clothing With The Iron.
    I Couldnt Have Of Girlfriend
  • When I Was Six Years.

    I Used To Eat Paper
  • When I Was Seven Years.

    I Used To Ate Nails.
    I Couldnt Do Officiates
  • When I Was Eight Years .

    I Used To Change The Time Watch The House.
    Couldnt Play With Your Food
  • When I Was Nine Years.

    I Used To Take My From My Breast Milk
  • When I Was Ten Years.

    I Used To Play .PlayStation 1.
    I Couldnt Turn On The Light Unnecessarily