fraser heslin 1930's timeline

  • herbert hoover takes office

    herbert hoover takes office
    when herbert hoover took office her was responsible for the stock market crash.
  • RFC: Reconstruction Finance Corporation

    RFC: Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    Hoover made many great decisions, but on of the best ones was the RFC. When approved by Congress about $2 billion emergency money was used for life insurance companies, railroads, and large bussiness. This made citizens very egar to get back on their feet to feed their families and use their businesses.
  • the bonus army

    the bonus army
    walter watters was the leader of the bonus army he lead 300 meann alw the way from oregon to washington D.C. the bonus army recurited nearly 20,000 people along the way
  • hitler takes power

    hitler takes power
    hitler went out of his publc party and used his well known voice for speeches, he came up with the treaty of versailles. hiter became leader of the nazi's. he installed the enabling act which turned germany into a dictatorship
  • Franklin D. Ropsevelt

    Franklin D. Ropsevelt
    After Governor of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for President of the United States in November 1932. When he was running for president he didn't touch alot on the depression, but the day after he was elected for office he closed down all the banks. During his time in office he delt with the main issues of the banking crisis, unemployment and the New Deal.
  • the new deal

    the new deal
    the new deal put people first on getting jobs. The new deal wasnt a complete sucess it created new angices. the goverment took a bigger role in the everday social and economic lives of people.
  • indian reorganization act

    indian reorganization act
    the IRA's planned attack was to pulverize traditional methods and traditional methods of self government in the nations.
  • GM sit down strike

    GM sit down strike
    if it wasnt for henery ford founding the assembly line we wouldn't of had a middle class due to the blue collar workers.
  • neutrality acts

    neutrality acts
    the neutrality acts were a series of acts passed in
    1935, 1936, 1937, and 1939 to limit U.S. involvement in any future wars. 1935 act: banned shipment of any war materials.
    1936 act:banned loans to any belligerents. 1937 act: thee were more supplies to civil wars. 1939 act: wouldnt allow any U.S. ships' from carring goods or passengers.
  • father coughlin attacks FDR, jews

    father coughlin attacks FDR, jews
    coughlin strongly belived in FDR's political views but changed soon and quickly too. father coughlin who was a catholic preist spoke out against jews. he brodcasted on the radio weekly about franklin roosevelt he had millions of listeners.
  • the dust bowl

    the dust bowl
    the dust bowl destroyed framers crops, this caused farmers families to move out, this was one of the most environmental disasters in the 20th century around the globe.
  • social security act

    social security act
    this act povided general welfare by creating a system of fedral benefits. this act has been passed many diffrent times. and the goverment used the ponsi act to pass this act.
  • social security

    social security
    social security grantted the elderly money for retirement.. it helped the less fourntate, disabled, and the people without jobs to get money for there nessicties.
  • rape of nanjing

    rape of nanjing
    there was a storming into the capital of china and there was a case of rape and murder for weeks. nearly 300,000 thousabd people were killed mainly women and children.
  • the grapes of wrath

    the grapes of wrath
    this novel was written by John Steinbeck. this novel was base upon the times about the great depression this novel was wirtten on a family in oaklahoma striving to make ends meet.