Fraser Duren 1930 Timeline

  • Herbert Hoover Takes Office

    Herbert Hoover Takes Office
    He became the 31st Presidnt Of the united states in 1929.He was a professional mining engineer.
  • The bonus Army

    The bonus Army
    The name bonus came from was from all the world war I marchers.It was led by a former sergant named Walter waters.The veterans were told that they should demand their cash payment.
  • The New deal

    The New deal
    The new deal is a series of economic programs in the united States.They were passed to the us congress.
  • Hitler Takes power

    Hitler Takes power
    Hitler became president after hinderburg died.And he took control of the army also.He did everything he promised he would do and helped germany get back on its feet.
  • Fdr Elected

    Fdr Elected
    When Franklin Roosevelt was elected for president.He was the 32nd president of the united states.
  • Indian Reoraganization Act

    Indian Reoraganization Act
    Was a legislation that Gave rights to native americans.
  • Neutrality Acts 1-4

    Neutrality Acts 1-4
    The Neutrality Acts passed in 1935,1936,1937,and 1939.The acts are for limits for the us to invole in wars that are in the future.The first act abandon shippment.The second banned loans.The third restrict sales during civil war.And forth banned us ships from carrying goods.
  • The dust bowl

    The dust bowl
    The dust bowl was a storm of dust.The storm was created by a combination of dry topsoil and high speed of wind.
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    They were signed on August 14.Its about a syetem that has old age benefits for workers,people who been in accidents etc.
  • Social security

    Social security
    Social security refers to th federal old age.It emcompass social welfare,and social insurance.
  • Gm Sit-DOwn strike

    Gm Sit-DOwn strike
    Union workers Found out that Gm was planning to move so they had went on strike.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Rape of Nanjing
    The rape of nanjing was about a mass murder and rape war.the japenese Captured Chinas capital.They ransacked streets and was killing men,women,and children randomly.
  • The grapes of wrath

    The grapes of wrath
    The grapes of wrath is a novel by john steinback.Its read often in american schools and college literature classes.
  • Father Coughlin Attacks FDR,Jews ???

  • RFC