Nesrin's Timeline

By nesrin
  • Period: Oct 10, 1492 to

    Nesrin's Timeline

    Important events that occurred in history
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Christopher Columbus discovers America

    Christopher Columbus discovers America
  • the English defeated the Spanish Armada

  • First time the General Assembly of Virginia meets

  • Seperatists set out from Plymouth in the Mayflower >America

  • First American saw mill constructed in Maine

  • New England Confederation formed

  • 1st systematic natural history paper written in colonies.

  • The Deerfield Massacre happened in Massachusetts

  • Molasses Act (to protect British West Indian producers)

  • Benjamin Franklin invents the lightning rod

  • The Boston Tea Party occurred

  • First Continental Congress (12 colonies sent delegates)

  • Declaration of Independance drafted by Jefferson

  • The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison

  • Aaron Burr is tried for treason