7th hour robert

By 101648
  • First successful transmissions over a transatlantic cable.

    Communication laid across the floor of the Alantic Ocean. It crossed from the telegraph feild.
  • First long distance phone calls are made.

    Can refer tow different classes of calls that are not local calls. Connon class of long-distance is called interstate long-distance
  • The personal computer, both small and powerful, is invited.

    The first personal computer in vented by Steve Jobs. By rights xerox PARC could claim pc.
  • The first cell phones are available for sale.

    They are used for two-way connect. It allows you to make and recive calls.
  • Sumerians record pictographs repersenting words on clay tablets. 3500 BC

    Native land was a civilization. Cities of sumer were first to practice intensive.