Ten major events

  • Al Qaeda Summit.

    1st day of the 2000 Al Qaeda Summit.
  • Martin L. King Jr Day Celebration .

    Martin L. King Jr Day Celebration .
    January 17th was the celebration of Martin Luther King, the man who fought for African American rights .
  • George Bush elected president.

    George Bush elected president.
    On January 20th , George W. Bush was elected into office.
  • Robert. F. Holland dies.

    Researched at a university, and he was a food science professor. Helped Usher in the aseptic milk carton.
  • Klaus-Peter Sabotta jailed

    Klaus-Peter Sabotta was jailed for attempted murder.
  • The Constitution of Finland is rewritten

    Hans Blix gets the position of executive chairman.
  • Phillips explosion

    Killed one, & injured 71- Pasadena, Texas.
  • Nineteen Marines are killed

    Osprey tilt-rotor crashes near Marana, Arizona.
  • Ken Livingstone

    Became the1st mayor of London.
  • The Patent Law Treaty

    The Patent Law Treaty was signed on June 1st, 2000.