• congressional elections

    congressional elections
    Republicans took control of congress
  • Civil Rights comitee

    Civil Rights comitee
    appointed by Eisenhower in 1946. commitee reported the need for a permanant comittee (FEPC) and denial of federalaide to anyone condoning segregation
  • state of the union address

    state of the union address
    Harry Truman delivered the idea of a "fair deal"
  • Minimum wage

    Minimum wage
    Eisenhower passed a bill raising min. wage to $0.75 an hour
  • liturature

    starting of the "self-criticism" or "beatnik" generaation of writing
  • bus boycott

    bus boycott
    in Baton Rouge, Louisianna, black church leaders protested by a week long bus boycott. they succeeded in modifying the segregated seating law
  • midterm elections

    midterm elections
    Democrats won
  • Brown v. BOE

    Brown v. BOE
    ruled that separate schooling was not fair and unconstitutional. called for a desegregation of all public schools
  • "deliberate speed"

    "deliberate speed"
    Supreme court ruled that the speed of schools should be set by the lower federal courts
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks protested segregation by refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. she was arrested
  • mall

    the first enclosed air conditioned mall was opened in Minneapolis
  • highway Act of 1956

    highway Act of 1956
    established a four lane highway system. estimated $25 billion expense funded by taxes on gasoline, new cars, and tires
  • Montgomery bus boycott

    Montgomery bus boycott
    led by Martin Luther King Jr. the year long boycott led to a supreme court ruling that segregated bus seatign was unconstitutional
  • Election 1956

    Election 1956
    Dwight Eisenhower won for the Republican Party.
  • establishment of SCLC

    establishment of SCLC
    established by MLK, traveled to 3rd world countries to spread the civil rights movement
  • Prayer pilgrimage

    Prayer pilgrimage
    led by MLK, held on the third anniversary of the Brown v. BOE court ruling in washington. attracted a crowd og 30,000
  • Litte Rock Central High

    Litte Rock Central High
    nine balck students attended little rock's Central high school but when the governor ordered the national guard to block their entrance the president interviened by sending paratroopers to the area to secure the students' safety
  • Quiz show disaster

    Quiz show disaster
    quiz show craze ended when Charles Van Doren admited to giving away answers in exchange for money
  • Dine-in

    four black college students from north carolina sat don at a "whites only" lunch counter and refused to move after being denied service
  • SNCC

    dine-in protest led to the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating COmmitee