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  • General Realtivity

    General Realtivity
    General RealitvityIn 1916 Einstine deveolps the first General Theory of Realitvity . Einstine expanded on Isac Newtons orignal theroy gravity. He claimed that grvity is really a distortin of space and time rather than gravitational field.
  • Hubble and Hooker Telescope

    Hubble and Hooker Telescope
    HubbleAt the Mt. Wilson Observatory Edwin Hubble used the hooker telescope to measured the distances and velocities of galaxies.
  • Alexander Friedmann

    Alexander Friedmann
    He solved the the general relativity equation. Which suports the expanding universe idea. This lead to Hubble's observation.
  • Georges Lemaitre

    Georges Lemaitre
    This Belgian Astronmer Suggested that all the matter in the universe was concentrated at one point in time. This suports the idea that the universe is indeed expanding.
  • CMB Test

    CMB Test
    CMBRalph Alpher, Robert Herman, and George Gamow first discovered CMB radiation in 1948. This was a major break through for explaining the big bang theory
  • Fred Hoyle

    Fred Hoyle
    The title "Big Bang Theory" was first used in 1950. By Fred Hoyle who did not even suport the theory, used the term loosly in a talk radio show.
  • Hubble Telescope

    Hubble Telescope
    Congress suports funding for the Hubble Space Telescope. This funding allowd NASA for the first time have an orbiting telescope. this allowed scientists to observe the glaxy much clearer.
  • Alan Guth

    Alan Guth
    Alan Guth spent most of his live studying the application of theoretical particle physics to the early universe. In 1981 he preposed how it came to be so uniform.
  • COBE

    Launched in 1988. The COBE spacecraft was intended to reasurch the cosmic microwave background radiation in the universe. George Smoot and John Mather received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2006 for their work on the project.
  • Hubbel 20th anniversary

    Hubbel 20th  anniversary
    In this date the hubbel telescope will have been in orbit for 20 years. This telescope has mad it posible to view the solar system in grater detail than ever before.