• herbert hoover takes office

    herbert hoover takes office
    Herbert Hoover was responsible for a rising economy and almost imediatly had to deal with the great stockmarket crash. he was a promising candidate and his slogan was to keep the prosperity already in america going which he obviously faild.
  • Period: to

    time span

  • the Dust Bowl

    the Dust Bowl
    the dust bowl was a series of dust storms that lasted for most of the 1930s. this phanominon ocured in the southern plains. it got its name on black sunday on april 13th 1935. It was the worst recorded dust storm yet.
  • The Bonus Army

    The Bonus Army
    the veterans after ww1 were promised cash but they couldnt collect till 1945. when the great depression hit they demanded the cash the government owed them so they marched on washington.
  • FDR elected

    FDR elected
    FDR was elected in 1932 with promises to pull the country out of the depression. he succedded in relieving the country of the great depression after the herbert hoovers failure
  • Hitler takes power

    Hitler takes power
    Hitler took power with words of change and restoration to make the country what it once was. he was an amazing speaker and people who had listend to his speaches described it as mezmorising.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    FDR needed to get reform because he was recovering from a large economic crash. the term was coind after a speach FDR gave in 1932.
  • Father Coughlin attacks FDR, Jews

    Father Coughlin attacks FDR, Jews
    father coughlin was at a time a supporter of FDR but when FDR changed his views coughlin felt differently. he began to attack him verbaly on his popular radio show.
  • Indian reorganization act

    Indian reorganization act
    the act was made to conserve and develop indian land and recorses. extended the right for indians to make buisnesses and organizations.
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    the social security act was made to make sure that old people had money to live off. seeing as its very hard to make money when ur old and brittle so they made an act to give money to the old.
  • Neutrality Acts

    Neutrality Acts
    the neutrality acts where aimd at stopping wars they limited the amount of weapons sold to other countries. it also prohibited loans to beligerant countryes
  • GM sit-down strike

    GM sit-down strike
    the workers went on strike and stayd in the plant till the strike was over. the 44 day strike was a huge in for the UAW (united auto workers) a orginazation ment to work for auto workers rights.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Rape of Nanjing
    atrocities comited by the japanese in the chinese city of nanjing. although some japanese nationalists argue that this event never even happend. this lasted from late 1937-1938.
  • the grapes of wrath

    the grapes of wrath
    john fords most popular dramatic black and white movie from a book writen by john steinbeck. it was the most popular socialist movie to date.