• 200

    900 BC, First postal system developed.

    Chinese develop postal system to deliver written messages.
  • 450

    Printing is invented on wood blocks.

    Chinese invent printing by inking wood blocks.
  • Mechanical semaphore is invented in France.

    It is the first traffic sign, Claude Chap invented the Mechanical semaphore.
  • first computer program is writen

    -Ada Byron was the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron
    -The original persons who's idea it was, was italian
  • Telephone is invented.

    Alexander Grahem Bell invents the telephone, transmitting the sound of the voice clearly over wires.
  • Period: to


  • The first radio signal across the Atlantic Ocean

  • First communications satellite is launched.

    It allowed worldwide live broadcast of the 1964 Olympics.
  • First Email is sent

    -the two computers that the Email was sent to and from were side by side
    - He sent a Email to his friends explaining hhow to send an Email
  • Period: to


  • 3500 BC, First recorded pictograpgh made.

    Summerians record pictographs representing words on clay tablets.
  • rags to paper (105)